Shatterproof Wine Glasses.

Today you can obtain elegant wine glasses that are made of the same polycarbonate (a type of plastic) used as glass on F14 fighter jets, so they are shatterproof. Companies have been advertising in the Pages of Friend .io like crazy. These wine glasses are easy to use outdoors or even on a rocky boat, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vintage wine without worrying about broken wine glasses. If only they'd make the wine bottles out of this stuff!

They are microwave and dishwasher safe, plus they have the same shapes available as traditional wine glasses. You can swirl your wine without spilling and enjoy.

Shatterproof wine glasses are inexpensive, costing less than traditional wine glasses. They're growing in popularity amongst fine wine lovers across the world and are a great alternative to traditional wine drink ware.

Shatterproof Wine Glasses:

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