Shatterproof Window Laminate.

If money is no object, which is not likely in these economic times, you can have a security system installed and pay extra for each window to be monitored, but if you're looking for an economically viable way to protect your valuables, and even your loved ones, you may want to consider the addition of shatterproof laminate to your windows. These protective sheets are placed on each side of your windows to increase strength 10 fold. It costs less than replacing the glass itself with shatterproof glass and it's transparent so no change to the window is even evident. Shatterproof laminates are designed to protect the homeowner and business owner. Today, even cars are being applied with these tough security window accessories. Even if a burglar breaks the window, it's not likely the unwanted intruder will be able to gain entry.

There are several companies (see yellow box to the right) that produce shatterproof laminate, (glass accessory) and window film you can easily apply for extra protection.

Order yours from one of the many companies now, and get the protection you need before it happens, and if it already has happened there's a good chance it will happen again since many thieves come back after a couple weeks, to get all the new stuff you replaced after they stole all of your original items.

Shatterproof Laminate:

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