Shatterproof Window Glass.

Shatterproof glass is the same as the glass used in the windshield of your car, where double panes of glass are sandwiched with a sticky layer of plastic in the center. In the event a rock, bird or debris strikes the window with force the sticky layer in the middle holds most of the shattered glass shards together, resulting in a spiderweb of broken glass inside the pane of the window itself, with a minimal or zero amount of shattered glass escaping.

Many mistake the term shatterproof window glass with unbreakable glass. Unfortunately technology today, as far as research has shown, has not yet achieved an unbreakable glass, where any type of glass can be broken with some type of force or strike applied. Today, researchers are spending a lot of time working on the concept of inventing a glass that is truly unbreakable but to date we haven't been able to find any corresponding information related to glass that is truly unbreakable.

In summary, a good quality shatterproof window is the best way to go for maximum protection against injury or even death.

Shatterproof Window Glass:

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