Shatterproof Films.

In recent years a new accessory for glass has surfaced. A do it yourself (or have it installed) shatterproof film for windows and glass. This film, when applied, changed ordinary windows into shatterproof windows. Commonly used on windows for armored trucks, jewelry stores, and even schools. It's also applied to cars to help protect drivers in those bad neighborhoods, where stones may be thrown.

The heavier shatterproof films are also great for home security. A window may be smashed be an intruder or burglar but the window stays in place, in tact. Although the glass still shatters the whole piece is held together by this heavy window film, on each side of the glass, making it much more difficult to gain entry. This is another reason why it's common on stores with windows displaying expensive merchandise. Use the links in the yellow box to find out where to get these differnt shatterproof films.


These window films are gaining in popularity and many companies are changing from traditional glass sales, or even window washing, to the film industry where business is booming, even now in 2012 and the outlook for 2013 is even better.

Shatterproof Window Films:

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