Shatterproof Car Windows.

Today we carry expensive items in our cars. Many of us have GPS, radar detectors, satellite radios and even the iPod. Just the iPod alone can easily have two or three thousand dollars worth of downloaded music on it, and we love carrying them in our cars. Because of this, the need for more protection from a break-in has grown enormously.

There are several companies (see yellow box to the right) that produce shatterproof windows, (glass sealed between layers of plastic) and window film you can easily apply for extra protection. These car windows might not stop the car thief from trying to break-in, but would be a great big theft deterrant since the window would remain in place. What thief will want to try and pry thru layers of shattered glass and plastic? They wouldn't have time, and they wouldn't want to have a sliced up arm with their blood all over your windows either. .

The moral of the story? Do something now, get the protection you need before it happens, and if it already has happened there's a good chance it will happen again since many thieves come back to your car after a couple weeks, to get all the new stuff you replaced after they took the old stuff.

Shatterproof Car Windows:

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